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San Diego Weddings
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San Diego weddings
Welcome to the SanDiegoWedding Community! This is a community for LiveJournal users trying to plan a wedding in San Diego. We are open to anyone that wishes to discuss wedding plans, ways to save money, bargains, helpful planning websites etc.

More info will be coming soon!

General rules will apply to this community. Pictures are always welcome, but put all large pictures (bigger than 400 pixels on any side), multiple images and long posts behind an LJ-CUT. Please respect everyone in this community and do not be snarky or bash one another. A warning will be given to those involved and if the behavior continues, they will be banned. Wedding planning is stressful enough, why waste your time putting another Bride-to-Be down? Discrimination will not be tolerated and this community supports same sex, marriages of different faiths, and different cultures. If you feel like someone has been disrespectful to you in anyway, please send an email to a maintainer.

Please limit advertising of other forums or communities - a single post to announce a community is fine, but do not advertise any more then that. If you are a local vendor, please do not post more then once to advertise your services and be sure to use the proper tag!

Contact information for maintainer(s):
buddykat - buddykat@gmail.com

All questions, concerns, ranting and ideas are welcome! Please be mindful of what kind of posts you make public, especially rants. You never know if the person you are ranting about finds it. It’s amazing how much some of this information can be found.

When you join, please fill out this short introduction survey and post it to the community and use the "intro" tag.

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