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Jun. 1st, 2011


Wedding guest list

Smart guest list building features allow you to easily input the guest information and organize the wedding guests in groups.

Sep. 29th, 2008

Modeling, Happy


Three good points to consider

This Q&A from the UnionTribune has three good points to remember as you are planning your wedding...

(1) Dress: every Bride dreams of dropping a dress size or two before buying her dream dress. Dresses can take as long as a year to be ready (depends on cut, fabrics, beading, and manufacturer) as they are mostly hand finished to your specifications and also depending on price point. A higher priced dress will have a more exacting fit to you and will be beaded after it's finished so that the patterns match all the way around. Having your dress in hand 8-12 weeks before your wedding so that the finer detail fitting can be done by a local seamstress is very important. That means, save on the rush charges and get your dress ordered early.

(2) Guest list: who's paying for the wedding does drive this contenteous topic. If your parents (or his) are contributing all (or even a significant portion) of the funds -- consider this: this is the BIGGEST party they are ever going to throw. Social standing at work or in their circles (depending on how THEY view status) can depend on whether they invite their boss and his wife, the boss's boss and spouse...and so on. At my own wedding, while neither of our parents contributed to the cash-budget of the wedding -- we asked them who they would like to invite...and we ended up with his mom's high school best friend and her husband. It gave her someone other than family to talk to. (And this can be a relief as after a few days of hosting family from out of town...fresh conversation is a joy!)

(3) Odd day for wedding: So what's wrong with Monday through Thursday? For me as a planner? Nothing. It actually makes it easier to negotiate a better price deal at many venues as these are low demand dates for evening catered affairs. For your family and friends to come to your wedding? Could mean a lower attendance if it's not during the summer when kids are out of school. Don't want kids at your wedding? Then not as big a deal. The responder to this question suggested the small ceremony on her Thursday with the big Reception on the weekend...I think while that solves on problem...creates a few others if you are doing them really close together. You may cause hard feelings assuming that people won't come to your Thursday event. I think mid-week near holidays or during the summer -- shouldn't cause as much of a travel problem as you think. Talk it over with those who will be traveling to your wedding, not the locals.
Modeling, Happy


Budget-minded wedding ideas

While San Diego doesn't have corn fields, we do have some wonderful parks and beaches for family friendly destination weddings. Planning a wedding that brings together and celebrates family can have more energy and memories than a hotel or hall reception with the typical flowers and table layout and dancefloor.

Sep. 21st, 2008

Modeling, Happy


How to bounce-back from tragedy

Great attitudes bring wonderful new ideas tothis couple's wedding here in RB. I love the fact that she went with an antique gold dress.
Modeling, Happy


How not to be a Bridezilla

From the UnionTribune, article interviewing TV show's first Bridezilla-couple....things to think about.
Balboa Park

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